Authorized Economic Operators

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Economy Full name Status AEO authorisation type Start date End date Actions
Bosnia and Herzegovina Schenker d.o.o. Current 10/12/2023
Kosovo* Sharr Cem Current 21/08/2023
Kosovo* Ventius International Current 09/05/2023
Kosovo* Kosmonte Foods Current 11/03/2023
Kosovo* Rronifer Current 05/12/2022
Kosovo* Vam Bend Current 03/08/2022
Kosovo* Kivo LLC Current 20/12/2021
Kosovo* Frutex Current 23/09/2020
Albania Algrafika Current 01/06/2023
Albania CFO Pharma Current 15/03/2023
Albania Doni Fruits Current 01/12/2021
Albania Gener 2 Current 01/12/2021
Albania Mektrin Motors Current 01/12/2021
Albania Eurolab International Current 01/12/2021
Albania Marketing & Distribution Current 01/06/2021
Albania Inter Brands Current 01/06/2021
Albania Inter Trade Distribution Current 01/06/2021
Albania Rozafa Current 01/06/2021
Serbia TIS D.O.O. Current 07/10/2023
Serbia SIROGOJNO COMPANY D.O.O. Current 06/09/2023

Number of records: 117

  • AEOC - Authorised Economic Operator is authorized for Customs simplifications
  • AEOS - Authorised Economic Operator is authorized for Security and safety
  • AEOF - Authorised Economic Operator is authorized for Customs simplifications/Security and safety