In this part of the CEFTA Web Portal, you will find information on the trade licensing system separately for each CEFTA Economy. The licensing system is divided into two parts: import/export licensing and trade licensing. This web portal focuses on import/export licensing. Trade licensing is mentioned only as a reference. Import and export licensing includes: 1.The procedures to be followed for obtaining an import and export license; 2.The documents that must be presented to the relevant authorities in order to obtain the approval of the license; 3.The official documents you will receive after obtaining approval of the license; 4.The validity period and scope of each license. If you would like to know more on how/when/where to obtain an import license, please refer to the import license section of the respective CEFTA Economy on this portal. If you would like to know more on how/when/where to get an export license please refer to the export license section of the respective CEFTA Economy on this portal. If you would like to know more about trade licenses, please refer to the relevant links in the licensing section of each Economy.


Laws and regulations


Law Nr.451-XV dated July 30, 2007 on licensing some types of activities determines juridical, organizational and economic framework of licensing some types of activities, as well as establishes the types of activities which are subject to licens¬ing. The public authority which elaborates and implements the state policy in the area of licensing is the Licensing Chamber.

Activities that need a license are exposed in the table:

Licencing procedure

In order to obtain a license, the company manager or a person authorized by the company should submit an application of approved model to the Licensing Chamber. The application shall contain:

1. Name, legal organizational form (LLC, JSC, etc.), legal address, premises, fiscal code of the company;
2. Type of activity for which a license is requested;
3. Location of branches and other stand-alone divisions of the company, which will carry out the licensed activity.

A copy of the Registration Certificate of the company shall be attached to the application. The license application and documents are checked and a signed certification of their receipt is provided to the license applicant. The license application is considered invalid when:

• the application is filed by a person without appropriate authorization, or
• the documents provided do not fulfill the requirements.

The documents shall be presented in original or in copies with presentation of the originals for checking. Also the documents can be offered for considering on an electronic device.
The license applicant will receive a written notice if the application for a license is rejected. This will specify the reasons for refusal and will be forwarded within the timeframe authorized for issue of the license. When the applicant has eliminated the reasons for such refusal, a new license application may be submitted, which will then be reconsidered.


The license is concluded within 5 working days, starting with the day when the document that proves the payment of the license tax is presented. For the most types of activities, licenses are offered for a period of 5 years. An exception is the licenses offered for 1 or 3 years.

Application of approved model to the Licensing Chamber;
Registration Certificate;


Chamber of Licencing the Republic of Moldova
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