Technical requirements

In this part of the CEFTA Web Portal you will find the technical requirements procedures separately for each CEFTA Economy. Procedures include but are not limited to: 1.The legally approved technical standards of the respective Economy; 2.The procedures that need to be followed for meeting technical requirements; 3.The documents required for proving your goods comply with these technical requirements; 4.The official procedures followed by relevant authorities to monitor and control the fulfillment of these technical requirements. In cases where the final destination of goods is one of the CEFTA Economies, please refer to the import technical procedures for that Economy on this portal. In cases where goods are exported from the territory of one of the CEFTA Economies included in this web portal, please refer to the export technical procedures section of that Economy.

Laws and Regulations

Technical regulations and assessment of product conformity with the prescribed technical requirements are governed by the Law on Technical Requirements for Products and Conformity Assessment  as well as relevant implementing regulations (Regulation on the Manner of Recognition of Foreign Documents and Marks of ConformityRegulation on Manner of Performing Conformity Assessment, Content of the Document of Conformity, and Shape, Appearance and Content of Mark of ConformityRegulation on the Manner of Designation and Authorisation of Conformity Assessment BodiesRegulation on the Manner of Providing information and Notification of Technical Regulations, Conformity Assessment and Standards and Rulebook on Manner of Affixing Marks of Conformity on Products, and Use of Marks of Conformity).

The Sector for Quality and Product Safety, as an organisational unit within the Ministry of Economy, creates and implements quality infrastructure development strategy and policy in Serbia through legislative and operational activities in the areas of standardisation, accreditation, metrology, technical regulations and assessment of conformity with requirements therein, in line with the EU acquis communautaire related to free movement of goods and internal market.

Technical Requirements Standards

Technical regulations are adopted for the purposes of protecting the safety of human life and health, health of plants and animals, the environment, consumers and other users, as well as property. Conformity of products with technical requirements provided in the relevant technical regulation is mandatory.

Pursuant to the Law on Foreign Trade Transactions, technical regulations may apply to imports of goods, and their application may not result in additional restrictions on imports. 

Revised Decision on Determining Goods Subject to Issuance of Specific Documents on Importation, Exportation and Transit("RS Official Gazette" No. 32/15) came into force on 11, April 2015.  Appendix 5A of the New Decision no longer contains tariff classifications for products covered by technical regulations in the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy (ie. in the fields of machinery, low voltage electrical equipment and electromagnetic compatibility, etc.). It means that, from the date of entry into force of this Decision, during the importation of products covered by removed tariff clasifications, there is no longer obligation to obtain a confirmation of conformity nor a document from the competent authority, in accordance with the technical regulations within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy.

It should be emphasized that the entry into force of the above Decision does not exclude suppliers from the obligation to provide prescribed document of conformity when placing these products on the market of the Republic of Serbia. 

Annex 5B [SĐ1] of the Decision on Determining Goods Subject to Issuance of Specific Documents on Importation, Exportation and Transit lists the goods that require a certificate on homologation when imported, which is issued by the Agency on Traffic Safety.

Annex 6[SĐ2]  of the same Decision lists goods the importation of which is subject to the approval issued by the Republic Agency for Electronic Communications  (telecommunication equipment).





The Procedures Description

Portal TEHNIS is established with the objective of forming a single information centre on technical legislation and quality infrastructure in Serbia. The Sector for Quality and Product Safety developed the TEHNIS portal in order to provide information on technical requirements which must be met by products placed on the market in the Republic of Serbia. Providing information is the key aspect of TEHNIS that deserves attention. TEHNIS was developed to assist economic operators and market inspection authorities when placing products on the market in the Republic of Serbia, but it should be noted that it is still the full responsibility of the producers to identify which regulations or requirements their products must comply with.

Authorities Monitoring and Control


Inspection of implementation of regulations in the area of technical requirements for products and conformity assessment (market surveillance) is carried out by the line Ministries responsible for the goods in question, through their inspectors.


Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia:

Kneza Milosa 20, 11000 Beograd, Serbia

Phone: +381 11 3462 600, fax: +381 11 3642 705


Sector for Product Quality and Safety:

Resavska 24, 11000 Beograd, Srbija

Phone: +381 11 3343 363. +381 11 3343 366


Agency for Traffic Safety (ABS):

Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 2, 11070 Beograd, Serbia

Phone: +381 11 2145 089, +381 11 2144 962, fax: +381 11 2145 407


Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (RATEL):

Palmoticeva 2, 11000 Beograd, Serbia

Phone: +381 11 3242 673, fax: +381 11 3232 537