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In this part of the CEFTA Trade Web Portal you will find the procedures that apply to foreigners entering the country in each CEFTA Economy. Border control procedures are divided into two parts: visa requirements and working permits. This trade portal only includes border procedures for citizens from CEFTA Economies. These include: 1.Border crossing procedures for citizens from other CEFTA Economies; 2.Visa regulations and fees for citizens from other CEFTA Economies; 3.Working permits for citizens from other CEFTA Economies; 4.Documents for obtaining working permits in the respective CEFTA Economy. If you would like to know more about border crossing procedures, please refer to the respective links under the section for border control for each Economy.

Laws and regulations

Border control in the Republic of Albania is responsibility of the State Police Department of Border and Migration at the Ministry of Interior.

Visa regime

Border control is done at Border Crossing Points and, in special cases specified by regulations, outside the border control area, in airplanes, trains, ship or other locations in the territory.  

Border control consists of actions of the Border and Migration Police officers, to check and verify a person’s identity on the basis of his or her identification papers, to check if one’s meet the requirement of the border crossing such as a visa or a residence permit if required, and a selection of the general conditions for crossing the border such as financial means, a return ticket and supplementary documentation on the motives for crossing the border.

Types of visas

Foreigners may enter the Republic of Albania with a visa that has been issued by the consular authorities of the Republic of Albania abroad, or a residence permit that has been issued by a regional border and migration body, or without a visa for foreigners who are nationals of those countries with which the Republic of Albania has bilateral agreements (or holds a unilateral position) for a visa-free regime. Foreigners who may enter without a visa are entitled to enter and stay in the country for no more than 90 days in a period of 180 days from the first entry date.

Foreigners who intend to stay for more than 90 days in 180 days must get a residence permit depending on the motive of their stay. Residence permits are issued for purposes of employment, study and family reunion, humanitarian purposes, for victims of trafficking, and in special cases by regional Border and Migration bodies. Foreigners who enter the Republic of Albania with a visa must hold a type D visa so that they can be issued a residence permit later.

Foreigners intending to work in the Republic of Albania must obtain a work permit or an exemption permit from the obligation to have a work permit. Work or exemptions permits, are granted by the structures of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.

The list of countries the nationals of which may enter the Republic of Albania without a visa is attached.

The list of countries where it may be applied for an Albanian visa, and the relevant fees, is attached.


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