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In this part of the CEFTA Trade Web Portal you will find the procedures that apply to foreigners entering the economy in each CEFTA Economy. Border control procedures are divided into two parts: visa requirements and working permits. This trade portal only includes border procedures for citizens from CEFTA Economies. These include: 1.Border crossing procedures for citizens from other CEFTA Economies; 2.Visa regulations and fees for citizens from other CEFTA Economies; 3.Working permits for citizens from other CEFTA Economies; 4.Documents for obtaining working permits in the respective CEFTA Economy. If you would like to know more about border crossing procedures, please refer to the respective links under the section for border control for each Economy.

Laws and regulations


A foreigner may enter and stay in the Republic of Serbia under the conditions prescribed in the Law on Foreigners.

Visa regime

General conditions for issuing visas to citizens of economies subject to visa regime 

The following documents are to be enclosed to a visa application:

1. Valid travel document;
2. Invitation letter for a private visit (certified by a competent authority of the Republic of Serbia), or a company letter of invitation for a business visit, or evidence of payment made for a tourist arrangement issued by a licensed travel agency (voucher or other proof of payment).
Subject to reciprocity requirement, a foreigner may be required to present also the following: 
3. Return ticket; 
4. Proof of sufficient funds in hard currency; 
5. Health insurance policy.

For more detailed information about visa requirements in a specific case, please contact the nearest diplomatic-consular mission of the Republic of Serbia, having in mind that visa issuance is within the competence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia.

Requirements for a foreign national wishing to enter the Republic of Serbia:

1. Valid travel document or personal identity card in accordance with the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, whereby nationals of member economies of the European Union, Norway, Switzerland and Iceland are allowed entry in the Republic of Serbia with personal identity card and stay in duration of 90 days (“Official Gazette of RS” No. 38/10 of 4 June 2010); 
2. Valid visa in the travel document, provided the passport holder comes from the economy whose citizens are obliged to obtain a visa to enter the Republic of Serbia; 
3. Proof of sufficient funds of subsistence for the duration of stay in the Republic of Serbia, transit through the Republic of Serbia, and for return to the economy of origin - the amount of EUR 50 per day of stay is considered as sufficient, and proof may be cash in the said amount, a bank account statement, travellers cheques, credit cards, as well as a letter of guarantee; 
4. Certificate on vaccination, i.e. health certificate stating that foreign national is free from disease, in case of arrival from an area affected by an epidemic of a disease (determined according to data of the Ministry of Health);
5. It is recommended to hold a health insurance policy.

Types of visas

Temporary and permanent stay
A foreigner wishing to stay in the Republic of Serbia for the period longer than 90 days from the day of entry may be granted authorization for a temporary stay in Serbia for up to one year at the most, and it may be extended for the same period. Authorization for temporary stay is entered in the foreigner’s travel document. Such travel document must be valid for at least three months after the time period for which the authorization is granted. Depending on the reasons for stay, addditional documents must be submitted with the request for temporary stay (for instance, in case of establishing a company, representative office or a bank, it is necessary to submit the decision on company registration and the commercial bank’s statement on account activity).

A foreigner may be granted authorization for permanent stay under the conditions prescribed in the Law on Foreigners.


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