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In this part of the CEFTA Trade Web Portal you will find the procedures that apply to foreigners entering the country in each CEFTA Economy. Border control procedures are divided into two parts: visa requirements and working permits. This trade portal only includes border procedures for citizens from CEFTA Economies. These include: 1.Border crossing procedures for citizens from other CEFTA Economies; 2.Visa regulations and fees for citizens from other CEFTA Economies; 3.Working permits for citizens from other CEFTA Economies; 4.Documents for obtaining working permits in the respective CEFTA Economy. If you would like to know more about border crossing procedures, please refer to the respective links under the section for border control for each Economy.

Laws and regulations

The entrance and stay of foreigner in Kosovo* is regulated by Law on Foreigners

Visa regime

Kosovo* does not yet apply a visa regime for foreign citizens. Any foreign citizen can enter the Kosovo* presenting:

• Valid travel documents,
• Proof of ability to cover expenses of existence during the period of stay
• Return ticket (for short stay)
• Reason for visit to Kosovo*. (Depending on the reason for visit to Kosovo* other documents may be requested)

In cases when Kosovo* citizens invite foreign citizens for private visits to Kosovo*, then the Kosovar citizen must present, 10 days prior to the arrival of the guest, a guarantee letter to the Department for Citizenship, Asylum and Migration at the Ministry of Internal Affairs MIA, which is stamped by the competent District Court.

In cases of business visits, the guaranteeing person must present MIA documentation relating to the business that the foreign citizen will develop in Kosovo*, and when necessary a copy of the business certificate of the domestic company sending the invitation.

Foreign citizens have the right to stay in Kosovo* only for 90 days. After 90 days they must report to the Directorate for Foreigners at the Kosovo* Police, otherwise their stay will be treated as illegal.

The border police are responsible for returning citizens in cases of reasonable suspicion regarding their documentation or reason for entering Kosovo*.

Foreigners when entering and exiting the Kosovo* are obliged to undergo the state border control.

If a foreigner seeks to enter the Kosovo* for tourist or business purposes without a valid travel document, the competent body for the control of state border crossings may grant him/her permission to cross the state border on the basis of a document which confirms the identity of the foreigner, issued by the state where the foreigner is a citizen.

A border crossing permit for movement is issued for a validity period of up to three (3) months.
A border crossing permit for movement under this Article shall not be issued to a foreigner if any of conditions under Article 29 of law on foreigner are fulfilled.

Prohibition of Entry and Re-entry

Entry to Kosovo* shall not be granted to a foreigner if the foreigner:

• does not fulfill the conditions under Article 4 of Law on foreigner;
• does not possess sufficient funds for living during his/her stay in Kosovo* and for return to the state he came from or to travel to a third country;
• he is in transit and does not meet the requirements for entry to a third country;
• Has a deportation order with a ban on re-entry in force.
• Does not possess a vaccination certificate, and comes from an area with pandemics or transmittable diseases.


Ministry of Internal Affairs
St."Luan Haradinaj" p.n.
10000 Prishtinë, Republika e Kosovës
Website: http://www.mpb-ks.org/?page=1,2

Kosovo* Police

Note: UNMIK/Kosovo* does not yet apply a visa regime for foreign citizens. In order for all Parties to have the layout and texts as harmonised as possible, it is suggested that UNMIK/Kosovo* provides data on border crossing permits using the above mentioned form.