Trade regime

In this part of Cefta Web Portal, you may find the trade regime system, in each Cefta Economy. Trade Regime includes: 1.A general trade status of each Economy, focused on the main trade agreements agreed by each Economy; 2.A short list of prohibited goods on import and export; 3.A general description of customs duties and other import taxes rates; 4.A List of quotas on import and export for each Economy. If you want to know more about each Economy trade regime systems please refer to the trade regime part of that Economy.

The Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia has a Headquarters and 5 Regional Customs Directorates (Customs Houses), with more than 40 customs offices. The customs offices at the border crossing points work non-stop (24/7) with regards to passenger traffic. With regards the traffic of goods, several customs offices at major border crossing points work 24/7, while the remaining customs offices have specific working hours, as presented on the interactive map (, available on the Customs Office’s site.